June 16, 2002
Blog Digestion

Perhaps someone can help me on this: is it something like bad etiquette to post a link to a different blog entry if you have found that link already in another blog? I just started with this site, so I must admit that I'm not really experienced in the unwritten laws of blogging.

I'm just wondering if it makes sense. I found this very interesting entry on swfnews about The Flash Message Board Life Cycle. The link I actually found on jdb cyberspace. So am I just contributing noise here which bores people, because in the end they will just read the same on every blog? Or can this be filed under "Community Buildup"?

I hope you can give me some answers. But read the article anyway.

Posted at June 16, 2002 02:46 PM | Further reading

There are no laws of blogging, no rules that you have to obey. I think its just about curtesy and what you think is right.

Personally I feel that linking back to the place where you found the information is good curtesy. I always try to honour the sources of the information I provide. - Oh and when it comes to links, I am affraid I already did a rant about it *g*

When it comes to multiple logs blogging about the same thing, I like Dave Winers concept of "triangulation". You know, like you would do if you were to find the source of a radio single, you would use three different recivers and triangulate between them to find the position of the transmitter. In the same way you can use weblogs to triangulate into what is the essential news of the community. If it spreads fast and on several blogs, its usually of interest.

Posted by: Jarle on June 16, 2002 05:31 PM

i think overall the blog to content ratio needs to improve. there's a couple of dozen major flash blogs, and i admit i check most of them every day, but it's 90% the same content. i don't know about the etiquette involved, i'd just rather see some fresh ideas, rather than the 6th link to the same article.

Posted by: BIT-101 on June 17, 2002 05:14 PM

I don't own a blog, I only consume blog's, consider me a customer ;-).

I agree with BIT-101. There seems to be a natural (economic) phenomenom that a good idea like a general Flash blog is followed by zillions of me-too blogs. Only a couple can survive and cover all the general news. The rest will specialize or parish (no visitors). It's the old saying: Get big (general news), Get niche (specialize) or Get Out (parish).

My suggestion is: Specialize and only cover news that is within the bounds of your speciality. Unless you want to make a run for the Big ones, see if you can beat a macromedia community manager ;-). If you get the news from another Blog, make a reference. It is good courtesy. If you insist on general news, get a RSS feed in the corner. Good luck!

Posted by: Jan on June 18, 2002 10:49 AM

i first saw your link on JDBs website. I didnt follow it but when i saw it on your site again, i clicked. hmmmmm..

Posted by: n8 on June 19, 2002 04:17 PM
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