July 06, 2002
Shared Fonts Fiasco

Branden Hall has done some very good detailed research about the do's and don'ts of using shared fonts in Flash MX.

This topic is definately painful - I have my own experience from working on the Triumph International site. My proposal for Part II: how to do all this with non-western encoded fonts or how to embed a japanese font...

Posted at July 06, 2002 12:39 AM | Further reading

[OT] Whatever links is there on your page, there is this wierd kinda link which does not properly displays the hand. Well, it is not so easy for me to navigate, so others would have find it the similar way. It is just my esteem querry if you can revert back to the normal hand (cursor-default) on all the links in your site. One more things I would like to propose to you is to have custom input css for your checkbox to have a border : none; and background-color : same as your background on which these checkboxes reside;. Just my babble !

Posted by: Brajeshwar on July 7, 2002 08:17 PM

Thank you for the hint. I also noticed that effect and I have no idea what causes it. My guess is that it is the worldmap flash file. And yes - you are also right, the checkbox looks ugly I will repair that.

Posted by: coma2mario on July 8, 2002 10:44 AM

It's not on his site anymore. Doesn't anyone have it cached or rewritten/summarized? I'd really like to get some shared fonts goin.

Posted by: Prometh on March 8, 2005 10:47 AM

I guess not, heh.

How'd it go with the japanese font? I heard of textformat troubles. I haven't yet gotten around to working with non-western fonts, but figured I'd get some info before I do.

Posted by: Prometh on March 11, 2005 07:58 PM
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