November 05, 2002
Ban Comic Sans

Support the fight against one of the most ugliest fonts that was ever chiseled into bezier curves: Comic Sans. Creator Vincent Connare is not very happy about the campaign: "I can understand some of the sentiment behind the 'ban comic sans' campaign as often the font is used in an inappropriate way." Yes, ask Robert Oppenheimer - you are always wiser afterwards.

Posted at November 05, 2002 07:45 PM | Further reading

I'm no fan of Comic Sans, but far worse are web sites that pop up a bunch of advertising crap. If had any self-respect, they wouldn't be doing that.

Posted by: Ben Chun on November 5, 2002 09:23 PM

yep, there are a lot of worth things to fight against. if you want to spend energy, time and creativity, i suggest you the anim contest at adbusters.
to get information go there
and there is money to win.
isn't it a good deal ? lol

Posted by: david on November 28, 2002 01:31 AM

I think the sticker should say "Ban idiots and lazy people!" All fonts are created for a specific purpose, as is comic sans. If people are too stupid or lazy to choose the right font for the job at hand, then THEY should be banned, not the font.

People should think more before they type and jump on stupid bandwagons. I bet every one of you that are posting this ban crap created a web page with comic sans at some point in your short careers. Give it a rest!

Posted by: Zach on February 13, 2003 07:11 PM

Cogito Ergo Ban - I think, therfore I...

Posted by: steve on February 3, 2005 02:14 PM
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