November 25, 2002
Fear And Consume

Yesterday I've been to the movie theatre to watch Bowling for Columbine and I can only recommend you to watch it, too. This documentary tries to explore why in the United States every year more than 11,000 people die at the hands of gun violence whilst in every other civilized nation of the world this number is between 40 and 400. And whilst I'm really not a fan of Marylin Manson I think his statement in the interview is what it all boils down to: create an atmosphere of fear so people will consume to feel comfortable.

Posted at November 25, 2002 11:27 AM | Further reading

though i think marilyn manson is a very intelligent person, and i liked what he had to say in his interview, especially concerning the media, i'm not entirely sure he's on point with creating an atmosphere of fear to get people to consume.

i think we americans are looked upon as consumers because a good deal of them have money to burn, not because of any 'atmosphere of fear' that we live in. i also think Micheal Moore had his sights trained on the wrong people on BfC. Villifying Charlton Heston and the NRA, or dragging two kids from the Columbine shootings down to KMart headquarters for his own reasons, not theirs, seemed to feel a bit forced.

Overall though, a good movie that made you think.

Posted by: p auL on November 25, 2002 03:28 PM

I think that film is very good. it is factual, yet at the same time, has its funny sides, especially the cartoon, :D, and i normally cannot stand marilyn manson, but he brought up some good points in the interview. This is a real eye-opener and i advise anyone and evryone to watch it, especially Americans, smarten up guys!

Posted by: Miles on May 18, 2003 06:17 PM
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