June 14, 2003
sonar feedback

It´s already day #3 of sonar and finally i´ve found the internet lounge. So here are just a few impressions I´ve collected until now:

1.) Be prepared to queue. I think that during the last two days i´ve spent something like 7 hours in queues. The first and longest was in front of the ticket office. We`ve bought the tickets in advance via internet, so we didn´t expect a lot of inconveniences. Unfortunately so did thousands of others who came from abroad and did the same as we did. This resulted in a four hour queue in front of fnac. But we were lucky I think. The queue in front of the regular ticket office was three times as long. So next time I will come one day earlier.

2.) Be prepared to queue again. Am I just spoiled from public transportation in other cities? Is it asked too much to expect a taxi stand outside of a venue where thousands of people are attending? That was a tough ending of last night: you want to leave the party sometimes in the morning only to discover that hundreds of others have the same idea. the only problem is that you are somewhere in the outskirts and the only way to get away is with a bus shuttle. So another hour of queuing to get into the inner city. But the odyssey was not over yet. Now hundreds of people where trying to get a cab. Fortunately spanish people and taxi drivers are very fair when it comes to queueing. So after just something like 45 minutes later we where finally driving home.

3.) Björk. Great concert. Really. Björk looked like Mireille Mathieu in a Harry Potter costume. One thing I found a bit strange was that even tough there were 6 Video screens they were no close-ups shown. But the visuals were supernatural.

Oops I have to leave now. Perhaps later more.

Posted at June 14, 2003 05:37 PM | Further reading

Muito legal seu blog...


Posted by: cris fernandes on June 16, 2003 07:32 PM

sonar rocked... stop moaning and listen to the music, not looking at the Q,s.. theres gonna be Q,s with that amount of people....dj hells set was the nuts, so was aphex twin's. when he dropped "jesus loves the acid" first tune i almost cryed...

Posted by: electrofunkster on June 29, 2003 09:22 PM
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