July 20, 2003
Returned From Flashforum Conference

I just turned on my computer after 3 days of absence - ouch that's a lot of unread mail. The last two and a half days I 've spent in Offenbach - promising candidate to the "Germany's least attractive city" award - to attend the Flashforum Conference. I can say that it was absolutely worth the 5 hour trip trip. Besides listening to some very inspiring sessions it was great to meet some of the brightest minds and coolest nerds that you'll find in a radius of 1000 kilometers:

Ralf Bokelberg - that guy is not only the most serious programmer I know, he's also a dangerous serial dancer. (And it looks like he woke up earlier today and posted quicker than me). Anyone planning a flash conference: invite this guy as a speaker if you want some real good content.

You may know Holger Kohnen alias hOk for his innovative Actionscript ideas. What you don't know yet is that he's a table soccer devil. I swear that some of those shots were beyond lightspeed.

And I really envy Manuel Dahm alias beachmeat for his not-far-away future life in Barcelona. 5 rooms! Ha - I will definitely come for a visit.

A big thank you to Sascha Wolter and Mark Marc Thiele for making this happen. Greetings to everybody else that I didn't mention - it was a great time!

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I enjoyed FF Conference as well as you and propably everybody else did.
Getting to know some of the best Flashers from Germany, that also are truly interesting and inspiring people was simply great.
Looking forward to the next conferences.
Think I will re-configure my future hobbies to Conference-Hopping :)

And finally I know that Mr. Bokelberg not only scripts razor-sharp but also parties equally enthuiastic & Senor Klingemann is as enthuiastic & positive-minded as his Blog is updated regulary :)

Everybody invited to BCN.
Bookings start November :D
Was a great time in Offenbach!

Manuel === beachmeat

Posted by: Manuel Dahm on July 20, 2003 11:21 PM

Thanks for the kind words. Enjoyed the conference very very much. Hope to keep it running and running ;)


PS: Mario, my name is written with "c" not mark :D

Posted by: Marc Thiele on July 15, 2004 10:42 PM

Oops - corrected it...

Posted by: Mario Klingemann on July 15, 2004 11:19 PM
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