September 06, 2003
Mario? That'sa me!

Okay, this is waayyy off-topic, uninteresting, and selfish but as it's the weekend I give myself the absolution. I just found out that I made it up to position #16 in search results if you search for "Mario" on google. And this is from currently 9,700,000 results. Thank you very much to everybody who linked to Quasimondo!

Posted at September 06, 2003 11:15 AM | Further reading

I think google loves flashers. I'm in #30 for the search 'stuart' ;)

Posted by: Stuart Schoneveld on September 6, 2003 12:24 PM

Oh yes you're right. Branden is #1 (though there are "only" 567,000 Branden's around:

Josh Dura - Page #1 from 5,990,000 results whew -

Oscar Trelles also Page #2:

Of course: Colin Moock ( ) and Joshua Davis ( ) both on Page #1

Posted by: Mario on September 6, 2003 03:24 PM

Super ! Mario !

bokel is on 4, hehe


Posted by: bokel on September 7, 2003 01:31 AM

Ha - looks like I made one position it's now #15.

Posted by: Mario on September 7, 2003 01:41 PM

Umm...I see you at #4, Mario...

Posted by: David on September 7, 2003 09:55 PM

Sorry, that's #5, Mario.

Posted by: David on September 7, 2003 09:55 PM

That link goes to Page #2...

Posted by: Mario on September 7, 2003 10:23 PM

guess it's cause everyone has you guys linked in their flashers panels on their sites

Posted by: seth on September 8, 2003 10:32 PM

I wonder when the decline starts. At the moment the dirction is still up - Now I'm on #14.

Posted by: Mario on September 17, 2003 01:44 PM

Just for the records - somehow I made it up to #8, but there are only 7,240,000 Mario's left...

Posted by: Mario on January 6, 2004 09:27 PM

You can make that #7 now ;)

From only 11,200,000, not too shabby.

Posted by: bprc on February 5, 2004 05:52 PM
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