June 28, 2005
Degauss Gun vs. Magnet Maniacs

I must admit that I once ruined the monitor of one of my colleagues when I played the "look what cool effects this heavy magnet has on your monitor" game. And, no, the built-in degauss function was far from powerful enough to heal the permanent magnetic scars that I had caused.

If only I had known this page earlier, where they show a nice trick how to fix your magnet ruined monitor. Well, fix it fast before there are no tube monitors around anymore.

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Oh, I did this to my parent's tv when I was a kid. Man, my dad was p'd off. Luckly for me he was an electrical engineer and knew what to do. What he did was baught one of those bulk cassette tape erasers from Radio Shack. I quick search on the web found that they are calling them degaussers. Just get one of those and wave it in front of his monitor (if he'll let you way some weird vibrating device infront of his moniter after you broke it once already).

here's a link to one so you get an idea of what to look for. http://www.degaussers.net/degausserVS250.htm
You can try radio shack but you might not be able to find one because Radio Shack sucks compared to what it was in my youth.

Good Luck,

Posted by: Eric on June 28, 2005 03:47 PM


I went to that page, and, looking at the messed-up monitor on my monitor fooled me into thinking that my monitor was messed-up. So I threw it away.

Then I bought a new monitor, took it home, and looked at that page. Same story.

I went through three monitors.

F_ck you!

Posted by: Daniel on July 12, 2005 01:47 PM

WOW, I tried it and it works GREAT. Thanks

Posted by: Paul on July 23, 2005 01:49 AM
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