December 22, 2005
Oh... here comes ColorMatrix Class v1.2

Two updates in one day? Well, whilst playing around with the class today I just had a few more ideas how to make it more useful, so I quickly implemented them:

I've added a blend() method which allows to blend between two ColorMatrices - this makes color tweening very easy because you just have to tween one value - the amount of blending.

Additionally I've added a "filter" property which returns a ColorMatrixFilter object initialized with the matrix values - this saves you one step.

Furthermore there's now a randomize() and a clone() method.

Here is an example which demonstrates the tweening between two ColorMatrices (something that Grant Skinner demonstrated so elegantly with his ColorMatrix class already months ago):

Download the updated examples and ColorMatrix class v1.2 here.

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the link doesn't seem to work :(
I get this :
Search results for: "flash8 colormatrix class"
but no file


Posted by: Raz-L on December 22, 2005 04:51 PM

Thanks! Been waiting for this... Keep up the nice work!

Posted by: Joakim Lindén on December 31, 2005 01:35 AM
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