November 18, 2006
My Plans for FOTB

It's just a little more than a week from now until the most eagerly awaited conference of this year will start: Flash on the Beach 2006 in Brighton. I'm very proud to be part of it especially since the speaker lineup is so very impressing. Here is my schedule for the three days of the conference:

Day 1: Monday 4th Dec 2006

This will be my "Day of the code" - so'll take full dosage of hardcore Actionscript development info that is out there:

Which means I will start the day with Tink's session Introduction to Flex 2.0 for Flash Developers. Then I'll treat myself with Branden Hall's Explorations with ActionScript 3. Afterwards I'll try to learn something new for me: Revolution 2 by Nicolas Cannasse. After all this my head will probably smoke so I'll end the day with something for the eye. So I will relax with Phillip Kerman and Practical Effects: Special Effects with a Purpose

Day 2: Tuesday 5th Dec 2006

After hopefully responsible drinking on the Flash on the Beach Ice-Breaker Party I will be in the proper state to enjoy Brendan Dawes and Contains one scene of sheep skinning - even though I've seen his session in Austin this year, just listening to the way he is getting his message across is a very special pleasure in its own. The next session for me will no doubt be the one of my buddy Marcos Weskamp: Creating meaning from chaos!. Then I'll attend Peter Elst's JavaScript Flash – scripting your tools of the trade - which is a topic I definitely need to brush up again. Marked in deep red in my calendar is Keith Peters with ActionScript 3.0 for Animation. And I'll close that day with Hillman Curtis, Hillman on Video

Day 3: Wednesday 6th Dec 2006

Okay, to be honest: after the party I will probably miss Geoff's early morning session Flash in a Web 2.0 world but I hope that my brain has started to function again at least for Jobe Makar talking about Creating Multiplayer Flash Games. I will definitely not miss Hoss Gifford's Creative Evolution: Behind the Scenes and this time I'll not forget to count the amount of F*CKs he will manage to cram into these 75 minutes. My last session for that day will be Chris Curzon / Artificially Intelligent Actionscript since in the slot after that I'll be standing on the stage myself presenting Mashup Baby! for the last time ever.

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