May 17, 2007
Back from OFFF

It's a gray and rainy afternoon in Munich and I finally have a few minutes to recap the last week at OFFF in Barcelona. In spite of some minor personal catastrophes I can say that I had a blast of a time. The overall atmosphere at OFFF is wonderfully laid-back and loaded with creative energy.

My personal highlights this year were Universal Everything's session, Craig Swann's Installation and Takagi Masakatsu's performance. I totally hate myself for missing Robert Hodgin's session which must have been amazing.

Since I had never attended OFFF before I didn't know what kind of session people usually expect to see there, so I decided to rather to a "best of my stuff" type of talk than my current one "The Blind Sketchmaker". Since many of my recent works are mashups that use content from flickr or Amazon I must admit that I got just slightly nervous when I realized 5 minutes before my talk that the wireless LAN at the venue would let my laptop connect but then refuse to give me an IP address. Which meant: no internet for me. Well, in the end with the support of the OFFF team I was able to show most of the stuff on a second computer and it looks like my improv comedy club style of talk was no too badly received after all. Unfortunately due to all those little technical difficulties I wasted several minutes so I couldn't really show my current favorite project "Sketchmaker" at the end.

I also had to learn that I'm now part of a fine tradition which seems to hit at least on speaker at OFFF almost each year. After Niko Stumpo and Rob Chiu this year it was my turn to have my bag stolen. Fortunately my computer was back in the hotel so I only lost my camera, my mobile and my wallet. But you can guess that my evening was not too much fun afterwards - spending 2 hours on the phone talking with credit card companies trying to cancel my cards which numbers I of course did not know by heart. And how hard is it to spell K-L-I-N-G-E-M-A-N-N? Looks like it was too hard for them to understand - back in Munich I had to find out that one of my cards hadn't been cancelled at all- luckily it hadn't been used either. I want to thank Carolina, Elmer, John, Julian, Neville and Rachel for their wonderful support during that evening and of course for bearing my restaurant bill.

I'm definitely looking forward to next year's OFFF!

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My Favourite Highlights:

1.- Erik Natzke workshop 'paint by numbers' (download files
2.- Joshua Davis thoughts "work like in hell", "if it seems right dont do it"
3.- Mario Klingemann
4.- Robert Hodgin and my first glance at Processing
5.- Takagi Masakatsu and the swimming animation.

I missed Zach Liebermann
Disapointment: Maeda and his way to make tofu...

Your presentation was great!! I read your blog, so i knew about most of it, but it was amazing to watch it live. Your problems were not a bad thing at all, they just made it fun.
I love islands of conciousness, and think of incorporating text to it (with tag names and a literature web or so...)
As for stamen, you might be interested in partigen 1.0 next release.
I still don't know your sketchmaker project, but i'll have a look to it soon.
Keep on it!

And yes, everyone i know that comes to barcelona and hangs around the center is stolen. For the last 3 years and probably for the next 5. So try to get used to it.

(i used your colormatrix tool in my website. Thanks!)

Posted by: Marc on May 18, 2007 07:28 PM

Hi Mario,

I've been reading your blog for a few years, so it was really great to catch your live session at OFFF.

Unfortunately you really missed a lot not seeing Robert Hodgins stuff - it was one of the most inspiring and - even if it sounds a little weird - touching showcases of flash/processing that I've ever seen. His audio-driven visualizations are absolutely beautiful.

all the best

Posted by: Jacek on May 18, 2007 09:56 PM

okaaay, I really don't like the fact that my email address in the last post is displayed in searchable plain text...

Posted by: Jacek on May 18, 2007 09:58 PM

Oh well - as you might have noticed for years I haven't found the time to update my blog system to something more up to date (especially regarding the inclusion of email adresses). Well - I'll see if I can fix that problem at least.

Posted by: Mario Klingemann on May 19, 2007 03:24 PM

Oh, fixing that email problem was easier than I expected. Should have done that a looong time ago. Thanks for pushing me to it!

Posted by: Mario Klingemann on May 19, 2007 03:30 PM

hey, you're welcome, but could you please delete my email address from the first comment? :)

Posted by: Jacek on May 19, 2007 04:07 PM

Oops - I thought that it was gone already. I'll do so.

Posted by: Mario Klingemann on May 19, 2007 04:45 PM

thanks a lot Mario. have a good weekend.

Posted by: Jacek on May 19, 2007 06:20 PM

oh, it happened again! it's never gonna stop! :)

Posted by: Jacek on May 19, 2007 06:22 PM

thanks a lot Mario. very great.

See you. Peter :-)

Posted by: Klettergriffe on May 19, 2007 08:19 PM's me again...i ama student from hk, i have try to using the Bitmapexporter in my project in order to save THE jpeg~butafter i tried, it always said unable to reach the bitmapexportrt.php....can you have any time help me slove it????the game not for commercial is my final year project...i'm look forward your reply...if you have time, plz..reply me, i can send you the source

Posted by: edgartkw on May 27, 2007 02:23 AM

Aww I'm so angry I couldn't go because I didn't buy the tickket with so many anticipation...! Other years I bought the tickket the same day... Awww aww aw...

Posted by: Salvador on May 27, 2007 04:25 AM

I was at OFFF earlier this year, and found out this year its gonna be in New York! ...theres a cool line up, just wish i had some money to get there..

Are you going?

Posted by: Borja on September 11, 2007 11:04 AM
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