September 17, 2007
My Flashforward Feed @ Vuvox

Before I hop into my plane to Boston for the Flashforward conference I wanted to show you a cool widget by Vuvox, a company that I have the pleasure to work with for the past months. What you see below is the Vuvox player running a special "Flashforward" style - it takes the latest photos from the Flashforward Boston flickr group and automatically turns them into a randomized clip:

The twist with this is that if you are attending the conference, too and have a flickr account, you can add your photos to that group and they will automatically be included in this show. Of course you can also make your very own styles in a few mouse clicks - for a quick start I recommend Vuvox Express which allows you to take your personal photos or any rss feed and turn it into a player that you can embed in any website. Of if you want full control over the selection of images, videos or mp3s or want to tweak the variations in detail you should try out Vuvox Studio which is the full featured application.

Those of you who know my works Flickeur or Islands of Consciousness might notice some similarity in the way the random animation behaves. And that is no accident, since VuVision, the visual engine I developed for Vuvox is a further development of the original experimental engine. Internally it has over 80 different parameters that can be tweaked to achieve many different moods, from very mellow to total destruction. But in order not to overwhelm anyone with a huge slider, knob and button switchboard we haven't exposed those yet. But there is a growing selection of different presets available. So to all the people that asked me in the past if they could borrow my engine: yes, you can do now, just check out Vuvox.

Oh yes, one more thing: if you see this and have an idea for a completely new style that you'd like to see or even like to program yourself, drop me an email (mario [at] quasimondo [dot] com) or - if you are around - just hit me during the conference. As you might have guessed already Vuvox of course offers an API which allows to build entirely new styles - like for example Jeremy Thorp did with his tree style or Felix Turner with his postcard style. I'm looking forward to hear from you!

Posted at September 17, 2007 06:23 PM | Further reading

That's just too cool!

enjoy the conference,

- jim

Posted by: Jim Armstrong on September 17, 2007 06:54 PM

Hi Mario,

this is really cool. The bigger version (before you just had the small one on the upper right corner) is much better to look at and see all the details.
I also built a slideshow engine called "Scaena" which uses PV3D. Is there a way to build a 3D stlye with the mentioned API for Vuvox?

Posted by: Erik Lembke on September 30, 2007 09:44 AM
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