September 25, 2008
My FOTB 2008 Schedule

It's just a few days until THE Flash conference starts, so here is my schedule:


9:00 - Even though I'm a notorious keynote skipper this time I will check out Richard Galvan's Flash Now and in the Future sounds like a good way to get an overview over the latest developments.

10:15 - Stefan Richter with Building Collaborative Applications might have some ideas we could use for Aviary.

11:30 - Oh no - first conflict! I have make a decision between Branden Hall and Dr. Woohoo. I'm pretty sure Branden will have some great inspirations for coding or algorithms but on the other hand Drew's latest project which allows you to remote control all Adobe apps with Flash is so cool that I really want to see that, too.

13:30 - No question on the next one: years ago Andries Odendaal was one of my biggest inspirators and he hasn't appeared on any recent Flash conferences that I attended, so I will definitely go to his Exploitable acts of playfulness

14:45 - I guess I will check out Chris Orwig's The Art and Craft of Photographic Impact, maybe I can turn one or two ideas into new Peacock plugins.

16:00 - Natzke. Must I say more?

20:00 - James Patterson and a pint - is there a better way to finish the day?


9:00 - Second day 9 am? That's usually a tough spot. But, hey - it's Aral who's talking. So I better don't have too much coffee before, otherwise I might get an overdose of energy during his presentation.

10:15 - Of course I'll be with Jeremy "Sweet Caroline" Thorp, soulmate, crooner, artist to see his fantastic Emergence talk a second time.

11:30 - Another conflict. Grant or Joa? Difficult decision. But as far as I remember I missed Grant last time, so I think I'll attend his Things Every ActionScript Developer Should Know.

13:30 - GMUNKICKDOWN 08.9

14:45 - A no-brainer: Hoss with Abstract Narrative

20:00 - Hanging out with Robert, having The Best 8 to 12 Hours of my Life


9:00 - that's what you get for being nice, Keith, the 9 am zombie slot. But I will stand by you to see some Advanced ActionScript Animation

10:15 - Sorry, Seb, but I'm always falling for the arts and Geoff Lillemon is a one-of-a-kind persona, so Stop and Smell the Internet is what I will do.

11:30 - Making noise with André.

13:30 - I'll probably skip this slot to get ready for my own talk, but maybe I'll have a glimpse of Rob's

14:45 - if I wasn't at my own Here be Pixels I definitely would check out Andreas Müller's Tools and techniques at Nanika - this guy is so damn talented it hurts.

16:00 - Oh, no - over already? Jonathan Harris with The Art of Surveillance and Self-Exposure sounds like a great closer.

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Thanks for posting your schedule choice with comments. Much better than those other dry listings of sessions I've seen on MXNA. Yours made me rethink one or two sessions I had already selected for myself :)

Posted by: Erki Esken on September 25, 2008 02:31 PM

The flash conference is awesome!!! Great job

Posted by: flash on December 9, 2008 08:57 AM

wJauqb comment5 ,

Posted by: Wgzzjbsg on June 26, 2009 08:40 PM
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