August 31, 2002
Bitmap Effects

Now this is what happens if you don't do open source: you miss the credits. After a thread on Flashcoders Branden Hall put up a PHP script called Mozaic for download. It allows you to convert a JPEG into a data stream...

Posted at 02:28 PM
August 30, 2002

Looks like the rumour mill was running a bit too hot on the Jakob Nielsen part of Jarles DevCon crusade. Mike Chambers has to clarify some things: >I am sure Jakob is paid nicely and gets a free ride and stay at...

Posted at 09:08 PM
Jarle Boycotts DevCon

Sad news for the community: Macromedia promotes a two-class society at their DevCon 2002: whilst former arch enemy of flash Jacob Nielsen charges $500 extra on top of the regular $1000 entry fee for his lectures, other speakers like Chris MacGregor do...

Posted at 10:50 AM
August 29, 2002
Oblique Strategies

As probably 95% of all humanity I call my self being "creative". But there are these moments in life when this big problem is sitting before you, the clock is ticking and your head is completely drained of ideas how to solve...

Posted at 06:06 PM
The 5k Award Winners

I'm a bit late on that one, but on August 7 the winners of the 5k Award where announced. And the overall winner is .... a flash entry: frutiger toy by binky. Very nice, very useless. Anyway among the winners in the...

Posted at 02:20 PM
August 27, 2002
The Wayback Machine

Whoa - I just discovered the first website I ever did back in 1996. Don't bother to look at it - it is in german anyway. This was made possible by the Wayback Machine, a 100 terabyte archive of the historical internet....

Posted at 04:28 PM
Share Opinions

Stock analysts and web developers seem to have something in common - they are not much interested in reading the publications of the others. Still - I just stumbled over this article in BusinessWeek Online which caught my eye because it takes...

Posted at 12:41 AM
August 26, 2002
What's Your Number?

As I mentioned before I was not really productive during my vacation, so there are no great Flash projects I could pull out of the hat right now. And believe it or not - there is a huge pile of work lurking...

Posted at 06:28 PM
August 25, 2002
Back in town

Hi everyone! after three weeks of absolute computer-free, internet-free and flash-free time I'm back on the keyboard again. It looks like moveable-type completely let me down in my absence and didn't display any article on the frontpage. Or is this only my...

Posted at 12:00 PM
August 01, 2002
Holidays Are Here Again!

For the next three weeks there will be probably no updates - I'll be off to Denmark for a nice relaxing holiday. For emergency cases only I take my little iBook with me, but I fear (or hope?) that there will be...

Posted at 03:04 PM
Thank you!

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