January 31, 2003
Flash Remoting with PHP

It was about time. Finally the first steps are made to use parts of the Flash Remoting functionalities also in PHP. It looks like a guy called Musicman has reverse engineered the Actionscript Message Format (short AMF) which is the binary format...

Posted at 05:52 PM
January 29, 2003
WACK 1.0

Uh uh - I just checked back and must discover that more than two months have passed since I announced that we would release WACK our "Window Application Control Kit" component "very soon". Okay somehow there was so much other work in...

Posted at 10:10 PM
January 28, 2003

Now that's what I call a nice idea. Simple but smooth. Plus a great soundtrack. And do not miss the part when it zooms back to the very first page from the very last page....

Posted at 05:18 PM

I just came across this page by ericlin which is a collection of his flash research, forum post, tutorials and sourcecodes. There is some very interesting research [part 1 part 2 part 3 part 4] about the behavior of code inside movieclip...

Posted at 11:28 AM
January 27, 2003
Elastic Tween

I use Robert Penners Tweening Equations in almost all of my projects. So I'm happily surprised that this tread on Flashcoders drove Robert into another great addition to this library. This one creates an elastic bounce tween: Math.elasticTween = function (t, b,...

Posted at 11:08 PM
January 22, 2003
geoTracker 1.0

How's the weather in Tokio? I have no idea, but Marcos Weslamp has. He has built a cool graphical multiuser application called geoTracker based on his Zoompane Component which allows you to check the weather all around the world. To achieve this,...

Posted at 11:10 AM
January 17, 2003

I'm sorry for the current lack of updates on this site, but one reason is that I'd been struck with a nice full-featured influenca which knocked me out for a few days. The other reason is that I'm currently buried in regular...

Posted at 10:46 AM
January 08, 2003
Extreme Flasch

I just stumbled over this site [Comment: I removed the link, because they changed the design. What a pity, the new version is completely boring] and I think that I haven't seen anything in this year which left me speechless like that....

Posted at 03:32 PM
January 07, 2003
Referrer Spamming

Just to make that clear - I will permanently ignore any site that tries to sneak into my referrer list by means of an automatic PHP script. And I don't care if yours is the best flash blog ever. If you want...

Posted at 10:09 AM
January 02, 2003
Happy New Year!

Hello everybody! After quite a long pause I'm back at the keyboard and you know what - I'm feeling dumb... I've read somewhere that during holidays your IQ drops by a reasonable amount due to the reduced challenges for your brain, looks...

Posted at 12:28 PM
Thank you!

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