February 28, 2003
Relexa aka Flash Connection II

Somehow I managed to ignore alexa.com until a few days ago when I suddenly ran into it. And I must say it's pretty amazing what kind of information they have collected about almost any site around. This for example is the current...

Posted at 11:14 PM
February 26, 2003
Fiddling With The Function Prototype

I came across this interesting thread on Flashforum.de (beware it's german). Florian Krüsch and Ralf Bokelberg are exploring the extension of the function prototype. It starts with the basic idea that instead of an object or a variable you can as well...

Posted at 11:55 AM
February 24, 2003
Soft Shadow MX

I've just created a little prototype for a project that I want to share with you: it's a blurred rect drawing method which might come in useful if you want to draw soft shadows or glows. I think the peformance should be...

Posted at 06:04 PM
February 17, 2003
Valyard's back

I'm happy to hear that valyard is back with a new site. As you might remember he has a great talent for finding those special sites that make your jaw drop. Welcome home!...

Posted at 11:19 AM
Flashforward Finalist? Me?

Now that's what I call a monday morning surprise: I just discovered that I made it into the Flashforward 2003 finalists with my AmazonExplorer application. I feel honored to be placed next to great creations like Josh Dura's Texteditor Component and Grant...

Posted at 10:57 AM
February 12, 2003
Date Based Redirection

There might be times where you want to redirect all incoming visitors of your site to a certain page. Perhaps you only want to have that redirection active during a certain timespan. But perhaps this timespan is exactly during the weekend and...

Posted at 01:30 PM
February 06, 2003

Here we go with the first release of my LocalConnectionManager component short LOCOMA. The version might say 1.1 but that's only because the extension manager doesn't like to step back. I'd rather call it an almost finished beta. But I throw it...

Posted at 09:18 PM

From time to time I have to remind you that I couldn't do Quasimondo if I wasn't part of coma2. We have just finished another project: the redesign of Avantgarde. If you speak German you might want to vote for (or against)...

Posted at 06:43 PM
February 05, 2003

I have almost finished work on a little component called LOCOMA which is short for Local Connection Manager. Eric Dolecki somewhat inspired me by his post on Flashcoders where he asked if it possible to use localConnection between more that just two...

Posted at 09:47 PM
February 04, 2003

Suddenly there seem to be window engines all over the place. Here is another one by Erik Lembke called armadeOS. Work pretty smooth and implements some nice details like the animated minimize function. Unfortunately the engine itself is closed source so you...

Posted at 06:13 PM
February 03, 2003
XWF Window Component

It looks like WACK has got some serious competition: Component Headquarters have released their XWF Window Component which is already used as the engine for the site itself (which looks great). It may be still missing proper packaging and documentation, but when...

Posted at 05:18 PM
Thank you!

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