March 28, 2003
And the winner is ... Grant

The FlashForward 2003 winners have been announced: Motion Graphics : elevationApplication : GModeler (Grant Skinner)Educational : BrainPop3D : Tokyo PlasticArt : The Beauty if DetailsTypography : WDDGNavigation : Perfect FoolsCartoon : KunstBarCommerce : Nike BasketballOriginal Sound : Defenders of the UniverseTechnical Merit...

Posted at 02:37 PM
March 27, 2003
Macromedia Central Revealed

Finally the system.product() secret will be revealed - today in its FlashForward Keynote Macromedia will announce the new Macromedia Central, a new way to deliver Internet applications as Kevin Lynch announced on his blog. There are already areas on the Macromedia site...

Posted at 11:11 AM
March 26, 2003
Time to switch

Ha ha ha- they are not only slow in displaying flash... (I've got two of these overpriced "computers" myself, but I don't think that I will ever buy them again)...

Posted at 08:40 PM
FlashForward SFC2003

I wish everybody at FlashForward a great time! Unfortunately I couldn't make it, but I hope that we will again see some live-blogging by Mike Chambers, Josh and Daniel Dura, Marcos Weskamp and all others who are participating. Can anybody tell me...

Posted at 11:04 AM
March 20, 2003

For all those who still like to program the onClipEvent way Ted Patrick has discovered an undocumented Flash MX feature: there exist an onClipEvent(initialize) which gets fired before the onClipEvent(load) function. The question remains what this might be good for, currently the...

Posted at 06:19 PM
March 18, 2003

The Dura Brothers Josh and Daniel plus Keran McKenzie are in the process of relaunching - unfortunately they lost all their former data including all components to their previous host. So if you have developed components and want to have them...

Posted at 09:06 PM
March 17, 2003
Polynomial Curve Fitting

If you should ever be in need of some Polynomial Curve Fitting inside Flash, don't look any further: Jim Bennett has prepared a nice demo and the accompaning source codes on his site. Quote: "This is a WAYYYYYY sexier alternative to simple...

Posted at 05:53 PM
March 07, 2003
Handmade Flash2PDF

First of all: Kudos to Gregg Wygonik for his great Flash to PDF class! Check out his site dedicated to the subject: and do not miss his blog There is one aspect in the latest Flash2PDF craze which I wonder...

Posted at 06:40 PM
March 04, 2003
New Flash Player 6,0,79,0

Just in case you haven't read it everywhere else: Macromedia just released version 6,0,79,0 of the Flash Player. It contains once again some security patches for the infamous "buffer overflow exploit", improves Flash Communication Server preformance and fixes some other minor bugs....

Posted at 01:10 PM
Thank you!

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