April 29, 2003
File Upload Component

Finally the pain is taken out of file uploads from flash: Yamago have created a very convenient file browser component which solves the problem absolutely elegant. [via enterFrame]...

Posted at 02:49 PM
New Macromedia Newsgroups

Looks like there are two new newsgroups on forums.macromedia.com: macromedia.central.general_discussion: "We opened this forum to create a space for discussion about the opportunities that Central provides and to answer some of the many questions we've seen popping up about Central in weblogs...

Posted at 10:41 AM
April 28, 2003

I just came across flashfanatiker.de among my referrers. It's an Actionscript blog by Holger Kohnen aka hOk and features some useful scripts and addons. Definitely worth a regular visit....

Posted at 09:59 AM
April 25, 2003
Drop Shadow MX

After a request by Eric I sat down and checked if my Soft Shadow prototype could be modified to support just any shape. Here's the result. It's not a real shadow like you could get with gaussian blur, but as far as...

Posted at 05:32 PM
April 24, 2003
Ultrashock Conference

Wow - it looks like this year there will be an Ultrashock conference in Munich - my hometown. The details are not out yet, but the venue will be in Germany probably late summer and Munich is a hot candidate. Follow the...

Posted at 12:14 PM
April 23, 2003
When Geeks Go Flash

Living in a Flash-friendly environment you tend to forget that lots of hardcore programmers still think that Flash is a pretty evil thing. You just have to check out what these guys rant about. So it's a nice surprise to stumble over...

Posted at 05:34 PM
April 22, 2003
Flash Markup Language (FML)

Looks like I've been sleeping this month. So I have missed the advent of Cyberfunk's outlines and demo for his Flash Markup Language short FML. The idea is to create a XML based language which allows to build flash apps/sites. And from...

Posted at 06:51 PM
April 16, 2003

After it works so nicely on Mike Chambers' site I'll also give Sean Voisen's MTCodeBeautifier a try. As an example here's a little prototype that helps you to draw eggs: MovieClip.prototype.drawEgg = function(x, y, r) { var rx = r/1.618; var ry...

Posted at 08:25 PM

Easter is just round the corner, so I was looking for some formulas to construct a perfect egg-shape. On my research I came across EggMath which is an educational site that uses eggs to demonstrate a lot of mathematical topics. A more...

Posted at 01:08 PM
April 01, 2003

There's a new wonderful-waste-of-time in town! It's called blogshares and it's a virtual stock market for blogs. You can trade shares of blogs which has the nice side-effect that it plots a picture about which sites are currently interesting. If you are...

Posted at 12:20 PM
Thank you!

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