June 29, 2003
The Matrix Effect - By Popular Demand

Occasionally I check my Requests page which displays what keywords people where searching for when they came to my pages. It turns out that unknowingly Quasimondo has become #1 result for matrix effect swf. I don't know how that evolved, but on...

Posted at 03:39 PM
June 26, 2003
gotoAndPlay() site

If you are into Flash gaming either on the developer's or on the player's side, the new gotoAndPlay() site from Italy might be just right for you. Currently it only features one game called Dick Dynamite, a Pacman/Bombeman derivate but the selection...

Posted at 11:48 AM
June 25, 2003
Shared Library Secrets

Using Shared Libraries (SL) in Flash is still quite an adventure, similar to crossing the Pacific Ocean on a surfboard. It theoretically works, but you will need good preparation and be ready to expect trouble. Unfortunately in the past SL were really...

Posted at 07:15 PM
Font Browser

I wonder why I haven't seen something like this before, the idea is so obvious: STC have created a Flash based font browser which lets you explore all fonts that you have currently installed. For v2.0 I'd like to propose an automatic...

Posted at 11:07 AM
June 22, 2003
How Alexa Hacked My Links

Sorry for another non-Flash related post, but this one is too nice not to be told: as you might notice lots of the links in my left sidebar are suddenly missing. [UPDATE - I have repaired them now, so you can see...

Posted at 11:20 PM
June 18, 2003
Oops, I've Missed It

I'm not a fan of birthday parties, at least when it involves myself. That must be the reason why I completely ignored that six days ago was Quasimondo's first anniversary. On June 12, 2002 I made my initial post which was utterly...

Posted at 12:38 PM
June 14, 2003
sonar feedback

It´s already day #3 of sonar and finally i´ve found the internet lounge. So here are just a few impressions I´ve collected until now: 1.) Be prepared to queue. I think that during the last two days i´ve spent something like 7...

Posted at 05:37 PM
June 10, 2003
Sonar Festival

Tomorrow I will take a few days off to fly to the sónar festival in Barcelona. It's a three day event for "Advanced Music and Multimedia Art". I've never been there before, so I don't know how it will be, but as...

Posted at 04:00 PM
June 09, 2003
Flashforward NYC 2003 Finalists

Today the Flashforward finalists for the Flash Film Festival in NYC have been revealed. Go over to their site to check them out and vote for the People's Choice I didn't check all of them, but deciding from a first view my...

Posted at 11:23 PM
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