February 28, 2004
MX Magazin 4/2004

In case you speak german and you are into Flash I think that you do not want to miss the latest issue of the MX Magazin which is available since yesterday. And I'm not just saying that because I happened to contribute...

Posted at 02:55 PM
February 12, 2004
Zempt for Movable Type

By recommendation of Marcel Fahle l came across Zempt which looks like a handy standalone widget that allows you to post directly to your Movable Type blog. The extra benefits of it are a built-in spell-checker and the option to interface with...

Posted at 01:38 PM
February 11, 2004
Consequences Anybody?

Create True Type fonts out of the embedded outlines contained in swf files? It's strange that until today nobody has written a tool to accomplish that, because technically it's pretty easy and it is possible since Flash 2.0. The only hurdle is...

Posted at 08:56 PM
February 09, 2004
Layout with CSS: Footers

If you switch from traditional table-layout to CSS, there is one thing that you will miss a lot: the ability to position elements at the bottom of a page. In "Exploring Footers" Bobby van der Sluis shows how to get back that...

Posted at 01:02 PM
February 06, 2004
Timeo Central Et Dona Feretes

Nah - I'm only joking. I really want to send a big Thank You to Mike Chambers and the Central Team for their cool surprise present! And I promise - as soon as my current project is finished I will develop something...

Posted at 12:31 PM
February 04, 2004

In the beginning the Universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad movie. Hopefully not. It looks like finally they really do it: Douglas Adams' The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy...

Posted at 12:22 PM
Search Engine Relationship Chart

I just love charts that show the interconnectedness of things. This is one by Bruce Clay and shows how the biggest search engines of the net are related towards each other. A very nice use of Flash....

Posted at 11:51 AM
February 01, 2004
Page Flip: The Final Word

Okay - don't look any further. Here is the last page turn engine that you will ever need: it's scripted, it's perfectly smooth, I did not find any bugs and it has one feature that none of the currently known engines has:...

Posted at 11:38 AM
Thank you!

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