July 30, 2004
Quasimondo On Holiday

Someone told me that only kings and leaders of totalitarian regimes can afford to go on vacation for more than two weeks, but nevertheless I'll be on holiday in Denmark for the next 23 days. As I don't want see my site...

Posted at 03:08 PM
July 28, 2004
Beware of the MXP?

Let me make this clear first: the following issue does not affect swfs or the Flash plugin in general - normal users are not affected at all. This is a Flash developer-only thing. The recent update to Flash MX 2004 has not...

Posted at 01:18 AM
July 27, 2004
Ellipsis - Flash MX 2004 As It Was Meant To Be

By now you have probably read it already everywhere: Ellipsis, the long awaited 7.2 update to Flash MX 2004 is finally available for download. As I don't want to repeat what you can also read directly at the source all I can...

Posted at 11:26 AM
July 23, 2004
A TextField Listener Improvement

Did you ever wonder why, if you add a listener to a TextField you only receive the onChanged and the onScroller events, but not the onSetFocus and onKillFocus events? The problem is, that as the TextField is a listener itself, it cannot...

Posted at 09:17 PM
July 14, 2004
Tripping the Mac-PC font rift

How often have you experienced this: you receive a FLA file from one of your expensive freelance designers but after you publish the file most of the texts are shifted out of place? The reason for this is of course the same...

Posted at 10:19 PM
July 12, 2004
Typographic Putty

I wish I had some spare time right now to start playing with this: Fudge - a wonderful application that enables you to manipulate font outlines with actionscript. The tool is still in beta, but in the gallery you can already get...

Posted at 10:25 PM
July 09, 2004
DENG Gets The Rubber!

Claus Wahlers has a reason to celebrate: DENG is the winner in the "Technical Merit" category of the Flash Forward 2004 NYC Film Festival and can take home one of those big rubber arrow trophies. Unfortunately he couldn't make it to New...

Posted at 01:23 PM
Thank you!

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