September 25, 2004
Thank you for the goodies!

Looks like I'm also one of the lucky few who received a surprise package from Macromedia. So I send a big Thank You! to Mike Chambers and whole Flash team! I really like those trading cards! [rant]Unfortunately I was also one of...

Posted at 05:44 PM
September 22, 2004
Mechanical PONG

Can you imagine this: PONG built entirely out of mechanical components? Well Niklas Roy has done it in 900 hours of hard work - and it is absolutely amazing. It is controlled by a relais computer like Konrad Zuse's first computers from...

Posted at 11:49 AM
September 16, 2004
Make the world a better place, win US $1000

Citizens for Global Solutions are looking for short Flash movies that can "inspire, amuse and activate people out there who believe a better world is possible". Build a 1-2 minute piece that shows a global problem or problems and gives a global...

Posted at 11:40 AM
September 15, 2004
Flash in the Headlines

Mike Davidson has created quite a stir in the blog community with the release of sIFR (or long: Scalable Inman Flash Replacement) especially among designers that want to have more options than Arial, Verdana or Georgia in their HTML websites. To make...

Posted at 11:26 AM
September 14, 2004
Load PNG, GIF or progressive JPEG into SWF?

Did you have the problem before that you wanted to load some file formats into your Flash site but loadMovie does not accept them? Something like PNGs, GIFs or progressive JPEGs? Do you want to load images or SWFs from a different...

Posted at 02:12 PM
September 03, 2004
Why Google's Indexing Of SWFs Is Worthless

Okay it looks like the "Wow google now indexes swfs!" news has somehow risen from the grave again. I wonder why nobody has yet objected to this. It is correct, Google does indeed index swf files, as much as it indexes PDFs,...

Posted at 06:57 PM
Flash Jobs At

I just wanted to thank the fine folks at for their Flash employment section because - surprise, surprise - it really works! Since I registered as a freelancer I have received many interesting inquiries which very often turned into jobs. So...

Posted at 01:11 PM
September 02, 2004
More Flash Europe

Finally the site for the European Flash Conference in Barcelona has been updated. Check it out....

Posted at 01:07 PM
Thank you!

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