June 28, 2005
Degauss Gun vs. Magnet Maniacs

I must admit that I once ruined the monitor of one of my colleagues when I played the "look what cool effects this heavy magnet has on your monitor" game. And, no, the built-in degauss function was far from powerful enough to...

Posted at 01:18 PM
June 25, 2005
Rainbow Nanny

Today I read this unbelievable article about a nursery school in Geneva, NY that tries to prevent their children from drawing a rainbow after some parents freaked out over this because it represents the symbol of the gay community. From now on...

Posted at 05:51 PM
June 20, 2005
Spank Me

Looks like my trackback spam blocker almost made me miss a very promising looking new blog by Timothy Groves: Brand Spanking New featuring an inspiring mixture of everything a web professional is interested in: HTML Design, Flash and Stuff. Plus - he...

Posted at 11:07 PM
June 15, 2005
Business as Usual

When it comes to project and client management it looks like all of us web professionals have encountered the same problems sometime. Didn't we all have at least once that project from hell? Fortunately with growing experience one learns to either avoid...

Posted at 04:36 PM
June 14, 2005
Is Ajax the new Flash?

it seems so - at least when it comes to making the same mistakes that Flash developers were able to make for several years. For those who don't know what Ajax is about - it's a way to exchange data with the...

Posted at 01:58 PM
Thank you!

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