September 26, 2005
Flash 8: Cam Kaleidoscope

A litte eyecandy to start the week. This tiny flash file creates a realtime kaleidoscope from your webcam image. Moving the mouse around allows for some additional rotation and scaling effects. It's amazing how easy it is to build this kind of...

Posted at 12:26 PM
September 23, 2005
My Flashforum Tour 2005 Lecture Notes

I have uploaded the presentation files of my Schöne neue Pixelwelt session in Düsseldorf so you can have another look at the presentation. As an extra, you can download the source files for the draw() demo [FLA], the displacementMapFilter() demo [FLA] and...

Posted at 01:39 PM
September 15, 2005
Flashforum Tour 2005: Full House

As Marc Thiele just tells me there are almost no tickets left for the Flashforum Tour Events in Düsseldorf (Sep 21st) and Zürich (Sep 26th). So if you are still deliberating whether to attend (for just 25 Euro a ticket, that's actually...

Posted at 10:16 AM
September 13, 2005
Flash 8: Ready and Willing

Macromedia has officially released Flash Professional 8 today so finally you can download the 30-day trial version and get your hands wet. And if you haven't done so yet here's your chance to quickly update your Flash Player to the latest version:...

Posted at 02:15 PM
September 12, 2005
Flash 8: ColorMatrix

Today I've got something not very spectacular but nevertheless quite useful: a demo of my ColorMatrix class. The new ColorMatrixFilter is a very versatile tool that allows for many color manipulations, many more than the good old ColorTransform was capable of. The...

Posted at 05:37 PM
September 10, 2005
Flash 8: Depth Of Field Simulation

An attempt to simulate an out-of-focus depth of field effect based on a depth map, plus a demonstration for the possibility to create blurs with smoothly increasing radius in Flash. A depth map is a greyscale image which shows the distance of...

Posted at 03:08 PM
September 09, 2005
New Orleans: Not as Seen on TV

I just read "Get Off The F*cking Freeway", an eye-opening article written by two eyewitnesses who describe how they survived the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. A must read....

Posted at 02:06 PM
September 08, 2005
Flash 8: Bubblegum

I always wanted to do blobs (or metaballs as they are also called) in flash - the problem is that while it's easy to calculate them in a pixel based program it's quite difficult to build them with vectors. Well, now that...

Posted at 07:10 PM
September 07, 2005
Flash 8: Aqua Glass Effect

Here's my first go at a Flash 8 glass effect. In general I'm not the biggest fan of the Bevel effect, but in this case I just used it as a helper for the displacement map and voilá - doesn't look too...

Posted at 05:56 PM
September 06, 2005
Creative Colorpicking Component

Powerclients is a new german blog specialiced on the development of RIAs with Flash and Flex. As a free download they offer a ColorFan component which uses the interface metaphor of a Pantone fan. It's very nicely done and feels good to...

Posted at 03:08 PM
September 05, 2005
Flash Right To Left

As you might have read before on my blog Flash's text handling for languages that are written from right to left as Arabic or Hebrew is not the state of the art. Unfortunately also in Flash 8 there will be no native...

Posted at 06:45 PM
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