February 20, 2009
#tweetcoding Round 1 - a few more

Here are a few more of my entries for #tweetcoding: "Moskitos": g.clear();ls(1);o[i++]=[mouseX,mouseY,2*r(),2*r()]; for each(p in o){mt(p[0],p[1]); lt(p[0]+=2*s(p[1]*p[2]),p[1]+=2*s(p[0]*p[3])); };i%=2000 "Love in 3D": if(i "Hyperdrive": if (!o.b)addChild(o.c=new Bitmap(o.b=new BitmapData(500,500))),o.b.noise(2); z=s(i-=0.01)*15;o.c.z=-z;o.b.draw(this,o.o,o.o,"hardlight"); "Fibonacci Sequence": if(!i)i=1,o.b=0,o.c=addChild(new TextField),o.c.autoSize="left",o.c.wordWrap=o.c.multiline=1; o.c.appendText(" "+i),o.a=o.b,o.b=i,i+=o.a "All Invaders": if(!i) g.beginFill(0),a=b=i=64,d=511; g.drawRect(a&=d,b&=d,i,i); g.drawRect(d-a+1-i,b,i,i); a+=r() "The...

Posted at 04:06 PM
February 19, 2009
#tweetcoding Round 1 - 1967 / Boids

Another two entries for #tweetcoding. "1967": i+=0.06;g.clear();g.beginFill(0);for(x=80;x--;){g.drawCircle(25+70*(x%9),25+70*(y=int(x/9)),70+(s(x%9*0.7+i+s(y*0.7+i)))*35)} var fo = new FlashObject("http://www.quasimondo.com/scrapyard/drawing1.swf", "tweetcode2", "500", "360", "10", "#e0e0e0"); fo.write("tweetcode2");...

Posted at 04:21 PM
February 18, 2009
#tweetcoding Round 1 - Alien Vacation

Grant Skinner has started a litte competition on Twitter called tweetcoding where the goal is to create something nice in 140 chars of Actionscript 3. And the fine folks at Adobe actually will give a free copy of Flash CS4 to the...

Posted at 10:16 PM
February 17, 2009
Getting the First Non-transparent Pixel in an Image

I just came across Sakri Rosenstrom's posts (1 2) about his methods of finding the first non-transparent pixel in a bitmap. Looks like he got inspired by my talk at MAX Europe - unfortunately he seems to have misunderstood my explanation back...

Posted at 05:24 PM
February 16, 2009
New Stuff at the Incubator

In an attack of serious procrastination during the last days I've added a few new pieces to my Incubator: "Twittoscope" is a little Twitter mashup that analyzes the lengths of a Twitter user's tweets and generates a histogram from that - which...

Posted at 04:23 PM
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