January 10, 2010
Galactose - Emergent Behavior of Particles

I have added a new experiment called Galactose to my Incubator. The motion of a particle field is controlled by the shape of the random clusters they form among each other. The orientation of the clusters control each particle's further motion which...

Posted at 08:04 PM
March 15, 2009
Face Tracking Fun

I've started to have a bit of fun with the optimized Marilena face-tracking class and build a webcam based magic mirror. The specialty here is that it tries to displace your face only and leave the rest of the scenery untouched and...

Posted at 03:08 PM
February 16, 2009
New Stuff at the Incubator

In an attack of serious procrastination during the last days I've added a few new pieces to my Incubator: "Twittoscope" is a little Twitter mashup that analyzes the lengths of a Twitter user's tweets and generates a histogram from that - which...

Posted at 04:23 PM
October 05, 2008
Game Of Life in 3 Lines of Code

Seeing Jop Wielens' implementation of Conway's Game of Life I wondered if I might be able to figure out a way how to run the whole game entirely with Flash's bitmapData methods. It turns out that it works, and it even works...

Posted at 05:33 PM
February 28, 2007
Who's Your Daddy Chumby?

It runs Flash Lite 2.1, has a 320x240 pixels touchscreen, a speaker, a bend sensor, a light sensor, even an acccelerometer, it is permanently connected to the internet via wireless LAN and what's most important: it's all mine! - oh I'm damn...

Posted at 02:19 PM
April 30, 2004
Disko Boy

It's friday after all, so here's my latest creation built with Processing to get you into the right swing for the weekend: Disko Boy will dance to any music you play. Before you can see him though you'll need some preparation: -...

Posted at 10:40 AM
April 26, 2004
Rubber Screen

I've added a new Processing experiment to the Incubator: Rubber Screen takes you right back to the Nineties when we all played with Goo......

Posted at 12:03 AM
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