October 09, 2007
Aviary Review on ZDNet

Ryan Steward has written a very positive review about a the different Aviary tools Phoenix, Peacock and Hummingbird he was given an early preview. I'm very happy to read that he especially likes Peacock, the pattern generator which is my little baby...

Posted at 04:13 PM
December 11, 2002

Finally it's in the stores: Flash MX for Interactive Simulation by Jonathan Kaye and David Castillo. To my knowledge this book is the first one to cover the area of simulations in Flash. This means you will hear things like "States", "Event-Action-Tables"...

Posted at 01:00 PM
October 31, 2002
Robert Penner's New Book

It looks like "Mr. Ease's" new book Robert Penner's Programming Macromedia Flash MX has just arrived at the bookstores. Unfortunately I couldn't grab a copy yet, but I'm sure that you can buy it blind if you are interested in the combination...

Posted at 10:49 AM
Thank you!

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