All about the boys and girls and their creator.
The Crying Boy by Bragolin and others

There is not much information to be found about the Crying Boy pictures and their painter Bragolin alias Bruno Amadio. On this page I will try to collect some information about this phenomenon. I'll also add stuff that I think is somehow related, like general Kitsch or so called mass-market art. If you want to contribute or comment, just send me a mail.


cover Just Above the Mantelpiece: Mass-Market Masterpieces by Wayne Hemingway - this is a must-have for Kitsch junkies. It's out of stock but you might still get it used. It has the crying boys, it has "The Green Lady" by Vladimir Tretchikoff, it has the Gypsy Girl by J.H. Lynch and a lot of other things you don't wanna know...

Big-Eyed Masters published by The Last Gasp. It's "The book about the big eyed art craze of the 1960's & the artists who made it happen." Sounds great. Read more about it on the official website.
Update: it looks like this book has not yet been published.

The Links

The Crying Boy Fanclub - A dutch site devoted to the Crying Boy Phenomenon. This is the place that has the most info available, unfortunately only in Dutch until now.

Wonderland Film A film production house that has a documentary named "Why did the boy cry" by Michiel Keller and cameraman Dik Kompier in the making which will be released in fall 2003.

See the boy cry - my own little manipulation using Tearomatic® Technology

Here is a link to a swedish page which looks like it has some interesting information. Unfortunately I don't speek any swedish, but perhaps you do.

I just came across this painting by Shag. Now this is amazing, as there are not only some well-known context-fitting paintings to be seen, but somehow the guy has a strong resemblance to me...
Related Artists

bluelady.jpgVladimir Tretchikoff is the creator of one of world's most reproduced pictures: "Chinese Girl". The site features his biography, articles and more than 60 of his paintings. Here is an article by Uri Geller (yes, Uri the spoonbender) about the story of the Green Lady.

nymph.jpgI have now a whole page devoted to JH Lynch

Donald Roller Wilson - I haven't got any info on him yet, but his paintings fit definitely in here:


ballerina.jpgThis is a painting by Margaret Keane who is something like the mother of the Big Eyes movement. Here are two links to sites devoted to big sad eyes: Big Eyed Art Bonanza and Big Eyed Masters.
The Gallery

These are the pictures I own so far:
stolagirl.jpgFinally I've found a crying girl, too. This one does not have a signature.
strawboy.jpg This one does not have a signature, so perhaps it is not done by Bragolin. But it has a price tag on its back: DM5,95 (about 3 US$) by Woolworth.
wallboy.jpg This one's also missing a signature.
lauraboy.jpg This is the favorite of my collection which started my obsession. It is a piece made by artist Laura Kikauka. The boys' eyes are LEDs and can be lit. The tears are made out of hot glue.

Thank you!

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