You will need at least Adobe Flash 8 to view Flickeur.
Click here to install it.

Clockr uses random digit images from Flickr to display the current time.
Click on a number to change the image, doubleclick it to view the full image. Use the mouse wheel to cycle through.
In case you see a message box from Flash: The Flickr image urls will be stored locally and only be refreshed
every three days - this will save some bandwidth and will speed up the start-up time.

I want to thank Ben Dolman very much for helping me to create the Clockr Screensaver for Windows that you can download here.

Clockr by Mario Klingemann / Quasimondo / RSS Feed
Flash Flickr API access with Flashr by Kelvin Luck.

See this page in white / black - My other works that use Flickr: Flickeur | Tagnautica