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Eolator is a tool to convert the way that active-x objects are embedded into HTML pages. This turned out to be necessary as Microsoft annonced to change the behaviour of Internet Explorer when starting plugins like Flash. The reason is that they were found guilty of patent infringement in a Chicago Federal court. In the upcoming version of Internet Explorer (expected release date is January 2004) there will be an alert box popping up forcing the user to start every launch of a plugin. Fortunately there are workarounds to avoid this behaviour. All of these involve the usage of Javascript and make it necessary to change the html code of all pages that use active-x elements. Eolator tries to automate this process as much as possible. Unfortunately the measures to circumvent the patent make it necessary to use an external Javascript file. Eolator uses only one very small file which can be reused for all pages and doesn't have to be altered. It is only necessary to place it into the same folder as the tranformed html pages. You can download it here by clicking this link with the right mouse button and choosing "save target as..". Then all you have to do is to enter a URL of a page that you want to convert in the box below. Clicking on "convert" will send back that file to you so you can save it on your harddrive and then replace the original file via FTP. This is something you must do yourself as this script cannot write back to your server.

For further reference about this matter please consult the following pages:.

For Microsoft's documentation, go here: http://msdn.microsoft.com/ieupdate There's also a test version of the modified browser on this page..

For changes to QuickTime, go to: http://developer.apple.com/internet/ieembedfix.html.

For Macromedia's changes, the site is: http://www.macromedia.com/devnet/activecontent.

For RealNetworks, visit: http://www.realnetworks.com/resources/howto/embedded/iechanges/index.html.

ATTENTION: You do all this at your own risk. MAKE BACKUP COPIES OF YOUR ORIGINAL FILES BEFORE OVERWRITING THEM! Quasimondo takes no responsibility for damaged or lost files or data. Later updates to Internet Explorer may make it necessary to update your code again. There is no guarantee that it works at all as I'm currently working with a beta of the future IE.

Some notes:
Oct. 8, 2003: Be careful when in your original page javascript was used to create the object. EOLATOR will still replace object tags when it finds them. Inside a javascript construction this might lead to undesired results.

Oct. 8, 2003: If encounter any errors - please tell me.

Oct. 14, 2003: If you still get the confirmation box, perhaps this part of the beta's known issues applies to you: "If you have the Microsoft Script Debugger enabled, Web pages using the external .JS file mechanism may continue to prompt. This can be eliminated by running without the Script Debugger enabled."

Enter the URL of a page you want to convert here:

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