Open another instance

MemoryHog demonstrates the memory usage behaviour of the Flash Player in different browsers.
You can for example see that Firefox 3.5.2 has only one memory pool for ALL swfs
that are running in all tabs or windows or that IE does not update System.totalMemory.
Also it will show how stable the Flash Player is in different browsers under low memory conditions

Press "Request Maximum" to find out the maximum amount of memory this swf can allocate
Press "Release Maximum" to release all memory this swf has allocated
Press "Request 100MB" to try to allocate additional 100MB
Press "Release 100MB" to release 100MB (if this instance allocated it)
Press "Request 10MB" to try to allocate additional 10MB
Press "Release 10MB" to release 10MB (if this instance allocated it)
Press "Memory Leak" to waste some memory that can not be garbage collected
Press "Garbage Collection" to manually call garbage collection

You should open at least 1 additional instance in another tab or window in order to see how the memory pool and allocation works in your browser of choice.

WARNING: This experimental tool can cause your browser to crash or make you system unstable! Save any unsaved work before proceeding! I am not responsible for any loss of data.