All And Nothing about J.H. Lynch.
The J.H. Lynch Mystery

Search for "J.H. Lynch" on Google and you'll find... this page. Sad, isn't it? It's really amazing - there is almost no information whatsoever about this artist, except for his paintings. We don't know what J.H. stands for. Is J.H. still alive? Where does he come from?

I'll try to collect as many pieces of information as possible on this page - if you want to help me with a puzzle piece or a nice story, just feel free to contact me. If you want to sell a J.H. Lynch painting or print I might buy it myself or at least place your offer on this page. If you discover a J.H. Lynch auctioned on eBay - send me a mail so I can track it. Like this we can finally find out how much he's really worth.

Note: This page does not get updated anymore. I have created a complete site dedicated to JH Lynch

For all the latest infos go to

A little puzzle piece: Some of the prints were produced as "Turner Wall Accessory" by an US company called "Turner Manufacturing Co.", Chicago and has closed down. In the UK there were Tina prints "Framed by Haigh & Sons, Southall, Middlesex". There are also prints labeled "Boots Picture Framing Department"

It looks like in Belgium a small publisher/printer/bookstore named Plaizier (address: Spoormakersstraat 50, 1000 Brussels, T/F 02.513 47 30) has published a set of high-quality picture postcards of several of J H Lynch dark-haired girls. They also once printed a poster with several Lynch Girls on it which unfortunately didn't sell very good.

Until now I came twice across occurrences where the "J" was standing for "John". There was no evidence that this is his real first name, but as there are no other references that's the best bet.

Steven Field from New Zealand just mailed me three photos of JH Lynch paintings that I didn't know. Thanks a lot! He says that in New Zealand JH Lynch prints sell in the range of US$ 200 - US$ 300.

I just received an email from Kylie Walker - also from New Zealand - who gives me another name: Piet Schreuders from the Netherlands seems to have written magazine articles and even a booklet on Mr Lynch. Wow this is getting interesting! She also identified one of the unknown titles as "Gipsy Seller" or "Sultry Lady". Thanks Kylie!.

Isn't the internet a great thing? Piet Schreuders just contacted me. He indeed wrote 3 articles about Lynch in his magazine FURORE (issues #17, #18 and #20). I hope that I'll be able to publish their translation soon on this page. In 2001 he published a booklet titled "What do we know about J H Lynch?" - I can't wait to read it. Piet also corrected some errors on this page and contributed some interesting trivia:
Two years ago he received a "hot tip" that the Lynch mystery was solved. According to this tip, Lynch was a woman painter who had lived in a small village on the south coast of England and she had recently died. He checked the rumor but it turned out to be false.
He also mentions that currently the dutch filmmaker John Appel is doing research for a tv documentary about J.H. Lynch.

I just made an observation which is probably completely unrelated: there is the mexican artist named Jesús Helguera (look at these initials) who lived from 1910-1971 and who was famous for his colourful calendar paintings. I don't think that he and Lynch are the same person, but if one imagines J.H. Lynch as a pseudonym - perhaps this is where he got the initials from. Pure speculation of course.

With all this new information coming up I will move this page soon to a dedicated site. The domain is already reserved, but I will need a some more time to design and structure it: J.H. Lynch - Myterious Artist.
The Paintings

Painting by J.H. Lynch, Nymph"Nymph", 1969

Possible foreign titles: "Zomernacht", "Sommernacht"
Autumn Leafs"Autumn Leaves" or "Leaf Girl"
Painting by J.H. Lynch, Rose"Rose", 1969

Possible foreign titles: "Mysterie"
Painting by J.H. Lynch, Tanya"Tanya", 1961
Painting by J.H. Lynch, Tara"Tara"
Painting by J.H. Lynch, Tina"Tina", 1961
Painting by J.H. Lynch, Woodland Goddess, 1969"Woodland Goddess" or "Tree Woman""

Possible foreign titles: "Godin van het Woud", "Göttin des Waldes", "Waldgöttin"
Painting by J.H. Lynch, Gipsy Seller or Sultry Lady"Gipsy Seller" or "Sultry Lady", 1964
Painting by J.H. Lynch<br/>Title unknown<br/>found on eBayUnknown Title
Submitted by Steve
Painting by J.H. Lynch, Title unknown "Ladoncella"
Submitted by Steve
Painting by J.H. Lynch, Title unknown Maria
Submitted by Steve
Painting by J.H. Lynch, Farewell Title probably "Farewell"

Possible foreign titles: "Afscheid", "Abschied"
Submitted by Steven from the U.K.

Does anybody know where the scenery in the background might be located? It looks italian to me. If you have a better idea contact me
Painting by JH Lynch, Zena
Submitted by Flo Verlander, NZ
previously unknown Title provided by Peter Hindle, UK
Painting from Clockwork Orange - Van der Syde Title unknown
Found in Stanley Kubrick's "Clockwork Orange" - oops I just rediscovered it in "Just Above The Mantelpiece" under the title "Big Earring Gypsy Gal" - the Signature is "Van der Syde" - damn I thought this was a Lynch. Another pseudonym perhaps? It seems to be quite common for mass-market artists to work under several different names. In this biography of August Holland, who also painted for Turner Manufacturing, Chicago it reads: "To keep the buyers from thinking they had only one artist August had many pseudonyms from Boise Smith for western art to Sasha Khomoran for Indian art."

In Stanley Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange there are three painting of J.H. Lynch appearing in this movie: "Woodland Goddess","Nymph","Rose". Click on the thumbnails for a full-size view. More information about the props from Clockwork Orange can be found on this fan site

JH Lynch appearance in Clockwork Orange JH Lynch appearance in Clockwork Orange

In the 1976 episode "The Handyman" of the Benny Hill Show we get a glimpse of the "Nymph":
JH Lynch apperance in the Benny Hill Show

On the cover of "A Girl Like You" by Edwyn Collins we find Tina:< br /> edwyn_collins_a_girl_like_you_cover.jpg

There is a dutch book by Alfred Birney titled "Fantasia" using "Woodland Goddess" as cover art. (discovered by Piet Schreuders):
For Sale
  • Autumn Leaves 23 3/8" X 27 3/8" Starting bid: US $12.00
  • Tina 24" x 20" Starting bid: GBP 4.00 (approx. US $6.35)
  • Nymph Starting bid: GBP 2.00 (approx. US $3.15)
    sold for GBP 31.00 (approx. US $49.22)
  • Woodland Goddess 33" X 25" Starting bid: GBP 19.99 (approx. US $31.41)
    sold for GBP 51.00 (approx. US $80.98)
  • Girl by Van der Syde Starting bid: GBP 15.00 (approx. US $23.57)
    sold for GBP 36.50 (approx. US $56.58)
  • Tina Starting bid: GBP 19.99 (approx. US $31.41)
    sold for GBP 19.99 (approx. US $31.42)
  • Nymph 19"x27.5" Starting bid: GBP 19.99 (approx. US $31.47)
    sold for GBP 29.00 (approx. US $45.58)
  • Tanya Starting bid: GBP 2.00 (approx. US $3.20)
    sold for GBP 98.00 (approx. US $154.03)
  • Tina 18" X 23" Starting bid: GBP 4.99 (approx. US $7.95)
    sold for GBP 10.50 (approx. US $16.48)
  • Tina 21" X 25" Starting bid: GBP 14.99 (approx. US $23.93)
    sold for GBP 14.99 (approx. US $23.60)
  • Autumn Leaves Starting bid: GBP 100.00 (approx. US $159.76)
    sold for GBP 100.00 (approx. US $159.76) [sold via "Buy it now"]
  • Gipsy Seller or Sultry Lady 19" X 24" Starting bid: GBP 9.99 (approx. US $16.10)
    sold for GBP 56.00(approx. US $89.76)
  • Tina 22" X 26", Starting bid: GBP 9.99 (approx. US $16.10)
    sold for GBP 10.49(approx. US $16.81)
  • Tina Starting bid: GBP 9.99 (approx. US $16.01)
    sold for GBP 9.99(approx. US $16.01)
  • Tina Starting bid: GBP 0.99 (approx. US $1.60)
    sold for GBP 26.00 (approx. US $42.48)
  • Tina Starting bid: GBP 0.99 (approx. US $1.60)
    sold for GBP 22.00 (approx. US $35.26)
  • Tina 21" X 25" Starting bid: GBP 9.99 (approx. US $16.05)
    sold for GBP 27.00 (approx. US $43.64)
  • Tina 22" X 26" Starting bid: GBP 20.00 (approx. US $32.38)
    sold for GBP 20.00 (approx. US $32.38)
  • Tina 21" X 25" Starting bid: GBP 5.50 (approx. US $8.84)
    sold for GBP 5.50 (approx. US $8.84)
  • Tina 21" X 25" Starting bid: GBP 9.90 (approx. US $16.48)
    sold for GBP 9.90 (approx. US $16.50)
  • Tina Starting bid: GBP 12.99 (approx. US $21.89)
    sold for GBP 16.00 (approx. US $26.63)
  • Gipsy Seller Starting bid: GBP 12.50 (approx. US $21.06)
    sold for GBP 56.00 (approx. US $93.20)
  • Tina 21" X 25" Starting bid: US$ 9.99)
    sold for US$ 9.99
  • Nymph 21" X 25" Starting bid: US$ 9.99)
    sold for US$ 9.99
  • Tina 21" X 25" Starting bid: GBP 9.90 (approx. US $16.68)
  • Tina 24" x 28" Starting bid: GBP 4.99 (approx. US $8.15)
    sold for GBP 10.50 (approx. US $17.21 )
  • Tina 20" X 24" Starting bid: GBP 6.90 (approx. US $11.15)
    sold for GBP 21.00 (approx. US $33.80 )
  • Tina 25" X 32" Starting bid: GBP 9.99 (approx. US $16.32 )))
    sold for GBP 9.99 (approx. US $16.32)

Ritzybits: Autumn Leaves: $NZ 150, Tara SOLD

Buy J.H. Lynch

cover Just Above the Mantelpiece: Mass-Market Masterpieces by Wayne Hemingway - this is a must-have for Kitsch junkies. It's out of stock but you might still get it used. It has the crying boys, it has "The Green Lady" by Vladimir Tretchikoff, it has the Gypsy Girl by J.H. Lynch and a lot of other things you don't wanna know...

You can get a pair of "Tina" cufflinks for $24.95 at In The Cuff - check out #222. Thanks Kylie for the link!

Thank you!

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