Quasimondo's Actionscript Shape Decoder v0.53

This tool extracts shapes from Flash files and returns them in a format which can be rendered by actionscript. You can either get a list of moveTo/lineTo/curveTo commands or the optimized format which is also created by Burak's ASV.

On Peter Hall's blog you can find the ASVDrawing Class and additional scripts which allow you to render and modify the data. On Helen Triolos Actionscript Toolbox you will also find related information.

Privacy information: The file that you upload will be deleted immediately after processing. It does not remain on the server.

v0.50: AS Shape Decoder v0.5 does not correctly output gradients yet.
v0.51: Added SVG support and fixed a font related bug.
v0.52: Fixed a bug in the output of curveTo.
v0.53: Added ASV+ mode which creates an array of points first.

Mode: ASV moveTo/lineTo/curveTo SVG ASV+
Upload an SWF file (max. 200K):

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